Product Code: EV model 007

Product Name: Neanderthal man

Product Description:
Early Neanderthals lived in the Last Glacial age for a span of about 100,000 years. The fossils were found in Europe and parts of Western and Central Asia.
Neanderthal anatomy was more robust and cold adapted than modern humans. Body Mass Index (Weight in Kg/square of the height in meters) is slightly more than that of modern Americans or Canadians. Evidence suggest they were much stronger than modern humans and their relatively robust stature is thought to be an adaption to the cold climate of Europe. A 2007 study suggested some Neanderthals may have had red hair and pale skin colour. Neanderthals are either classified as a subspecies of modern humans (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) or as a separate human species (Homo neanderthalensis).