Teaching children is an art. An enthusiastic teacher finds joy in teaching children. They discover innovative teaching techniques and tools to enrich the children with knowledge. We ‘Ankidyne’ devised the concept of

” SCIENCE PARK FOR EVERYONE “ – a modern teaching methodology.

Educationists, Scientists and Psychiatrists are insisting on play way methods of teaching even world renowned educationists are striving hard to develop various tools for play way learning. Ankidyne’s Science Park is one such powerful tool which turns the children to learn science while playing with these gadgets.

A Science Park within a school campus facilitates the children to mingle with science in a play way manner. The Science Park gadgets are designed to inculcate scientific temper among children and adult by covering various branches of science like mechanics, sound, light, heat, chemistry, biology, meteorology and applied science too.

In general, Science Park is an inseparable facility which is must for every educational institution that kindles young minds for their bright future.

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